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Share The World

Title: Share the World
Author/Producer: Share the World
Suggested Age Range: Ages 8-10
Item Type: Curriculum, teachers’ guide, video, worksheets, poster
Description: Six-page teachers’ guide, 28-minute video, nine reproducible worksheets, and a 17”x22” full-color poster
Price: Free
Suitable for the Following Subjects: Ethics, health, language arts, math, science, social studies, Spanish, other (Chinese, Dutch, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, and Malayalam)
(American English, British English, Chinese, Dutch, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Malayalam, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish)
Symbol Key
How to Order: Available From Share the World

Share the World is an educational program that is designed to help your students better understand and appreciate the animals with whom we share our world. The program promotes compassion and empathy for animals while allowing students to practice their reading, writing, and math skills.

The video and activity sheets contain the following four parts:

The Amazing World of Animals introduces students to the unique and complex world of animals by demonstrating some of their spectacular characteristics and abilities. It also shows the many ways in which humans and animals are similar.

Animals and Their Feelings reveals the variety of feelings—including love, pain, and sadness—that animals share with us. Activities and reading assignments are used to build empathy in students.

Changing Times, Changing Minds allows students to explore the ways in which the use of animals has changed over the years and the ways in which technological advances have made the use of animals unnecessary.

Making Humane Choices encourages students to follow the Golden Rule in their interactions with animals by presenting five situations and asking students how they should respond to them.

    • Worksheet 4 PDF, html, Answers

    • Worksheet 9 (Math) PDF, html

    This activity sheet uses basic addition and multiplication problems to illustrate how quickly unaltered companion animals can reproduce and emphasize the importance of spaying and neutering.

The poster reads, “Everyone Matters: Share the World” and includes a full-color drawing of a variety of people and animals, holding hands, fins, paws, and wings and dancing in a circle on top of the Earth. View the poster here.

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Suggested Uses: Share the World is a complete curriculum that is ready to use in the classroom. Simply make copies of the reproducible activity sheets for your students, hang the poster in your classroom, and show the video. The teachers’ guide will lead you through the activities and discussions. Humane education could not be any easier.

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